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eCig Vaping – Electronic Cigarettes and Accessories

We sell a wide range of electronic cigarettes and accessories. Electronic cigarettes are an excellent alternative to traditional smoking. They produce vapour containing nicotine, which you can inhale in the same way as you would tobacco smoke.

Because the vapour contains nicotine it will satisfy your tobacco craving, but the vapour is far healthier than the smoke of a regular cigarette because it does not contain the same harmful chemicals. As well as being healthier than a traditional cigarette, an electronic cigarette is legal to smoke indoors.

The ban on smoking indoors is due to health concerns surrounding the chemicals in cigarette smoke and the risks associated with passive smoking. None of these concerns apply to e-cigarettes, and neither do they produce the same strong smell which non-smokers find unpleasant.

Here you will find a large range of E Liquids, Electronic Cigarettes, Batteries, Atomizers and much more from brands such as: Hangsen

As such, the laws against smoking indoors do not apply to them, and neither do most non-smokers object to e-cigarettes being used in their presence. Smoking e-cigarettes is usually also cheaper than traditional smoking.

E-cigarettes are both affordable and long-lasting, with a single e-cig giving the same amount of smoking time as many regular cigarettes. As such, using electronic cigarettes works out much more affordable over time. E-cigarettes are available in disposable or reusable models. For reusable e-cigs, we can also provide a range of affordable e cig accessories.

These include replacement e-liquid capsules. These capsules contain the liquid which is atomised to produce the vapour, allowing your e-cigarette to be used like a traditional cigarette and satisfy your nicotine craving, while also giving your throat the same “hit” you would expect from tobacco smoke. Other e-cig accessories we provide include a range of high-quality replacement batteries.